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Planning A Kitchen

The four most common styles of kitchens are Straight Kitchen, “L” shape, “U” shape and “Galley”.

When you’re planning your new kitchen, it all starts with preparation. The most important part of the process is ‘accurate measurements’.

Once you have decided on the style of kitchen you want, use the Graph Paper provided below (Scale one square = 100mm) to draw your wall measurements.  Draw in the position of your cabinets, noting positions of windows, pipes, power points for appliances and any other obstacles

Use a separate sheet of graph paper to draw the following:

  • Base Cabinets
  • Top Cabinets
  • Benchtops  Note: standard benchtop overhang is 20mm. If you are not sure what size to order your benchtop, send us your plan and we can help.

We’ve provided some simple guidelines below to help you get it right – the first time.

Step 1

Measure the dimensions of the room, noting the position of anything important like windows, doors, powerpoints or pipes.


Step 2

Draw in the base cabinets, including the width required (ie: 8400mm) ensuring the sides of the cabinet do not cover powerpoints or pipes

Draw location of end panels


Step 3

Draw in top cabinets including the required width (ie: T400) ensuring sides of cabinets do not cover powerpoints or pipes

Draw in the location of end panels

Draw in handle location to determine which way the door is to be hung


Step 4

Draw measurements of bench top (Note: Standard benchtop overhang is 20mm)

Mark benchtop with the following symbols where required:

XX - denotes square edger

)) - denotes rolled edge


Graph Paper

Download our Graph Paper

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